Design Advanced

Design Advanced

  • Industry-Standard 3D CAD Capabilities**
    Augmented Reality Design Visualization
    Advanced Assembly
    Prismatic & Multi-Surface Milling
    Advanced Surfacing & Additive Manufacturing
    GD&T & Tolerance Analysis
    PTC Mathcad
    Simulation, Basic CFD, & Fatigue Advisor
    Production Machining
    Advanced Simulation & CFD
    Options Modeler & Topology Optimization
    Metal Printing & Complete Machining

Additional capabilities for Design Advanced:

Multi-CAD Collaboration

Seamlessly integrate and work with data from SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor:

  • Collaboration for SolidWorks (Open, Update and Save As native SolidWorks files)
  • Collaboration for Autodesk Inventor (automatically detect and update Inventor data)

Piping & Cabling Design

Create and optimize routings for cost, manufacturability and service:

  • Automated routing referencing 2D Schematic logic
  • Easily visualize and edit using drag handles and on-the-fly editing
  • Ability to compare/validate 3D data against 2D schematic logic

Rendering (powered by Luxion's Keyshot)

Produce photorealistic images for design review, marketing collateral, and product packaging:

  • Real-time Raytracing powered by Luxion Keyshot
  • Enhanced lighting with High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) support
  • Standard library of over 200 predefined materials types

Design Exploration

Rapidly create and explore concepts and modeling alternatives:

  • Explore design changes safely without risking original designs or committing to any change
  • Simultaneously develop different ideas and evaluate all options before making decisions
  • Eliminate manual data duplication and session clean-up for loading and reloading different versions

Fastener Design

Automate fastener geometry creation and hardware assembly:

  • Automate the creation of holes and assembly fasteners
  • Access to standard libraries (ANSI, DIN, JIS)

Advanced Framework Design

Speed design and improve the accuracy of structural framework assemblies:

  • Fully integrated modeling, framework design and analysis
  • Comprehensive and customizable libraries of profiles, joints, connections and equipment
  • Automated beam placement and creation of framework geometry (e.g., joints, connections)

Legacy Data Migration

Support legacy data migration and CAD consolidation efforts:

  • Legacy Drawing Associator (LDA) – automatically connects parametric models to imported legacy data
  • Relink model and drawing to provide associativity (update) and association when checked into Windchill PDMLink
  • Annotation Convertor (AC) – Automatically convert drawing dimensions and notes to 3D annotations

Human Factors Design

Validate and optimize products for human interaction:

  • Quickly insert and customize digital human models to prevent ergonomic mismatches and reduce prototype costs
  • Easily manipulate manikins
  • Visualize human reach and vision

Core Simulation Capabilities

Enhance your product design with Simulation & Analysis:

  • Static Structural Analysis
  • Simulate Parts and Assemblies
  • Simulate Solid, Beams, Shells, Masses, Springs

Advanced Assembly

Facilitate and support your concurrent design and development:

  • Data Sharing and Distribution
  • Reference Control
  • Change Propagation

Prismatic and Multi-Surface Milling

Achieve the highest quality, highest precision machining in the fastest time possible:

  • Multi-Surface 3-axis milling with 4- and 5-axis positioning
  • High speed machining (for rapid prototyping and manufacturing)
  • Automatic change propagation and associative update of NC toolpaths
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