About us

Company philosophy

Management stance
Create a bright, energetic company atmosphere based on respect for people.

Company activities standard
Follow proper business practices and engage in fair, transparent, and free competition based on a respect for the law.
Derive concepts from the market, provide the best in quality and service, and obtain the satisfaction and trust of customers.

Company mission

Our mission is to provide cost reduction, high quality, and best practice design services.

We maintain our tradition of tireless effort until problems are solved and goals are achieved.

Daily, we strive to earn the respect of our customers, co-workers, and business associates by choosing to treat all with genuine concern.

We are individually responsible for meeting the shared goals of our clients and employees, recognizing we are part of a greater whole.

We are committed to leading the development of creative and optimal solutions through the combined efforts of our highly-skilled and talented workforce who are empowered to excel.

We hire, train, and develop the right talent to provide cost-effective, competitive, high-quality solutions that give our customers an excellent return on their investment and enhance the value of our mutual success.

We emphasize the highest standards of personal and corporate performance and strive for continuous improvement in support of our clients' needs.

Great businesses set the vision for a better future.
The right partner takes them there.

Alex Theo Company Inc
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